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Accentuate your divinity and royalty
using all-natural Shea Butter!


 the mind 

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 the body 


 the spirit 

 All Natural Skincare

Atlantis Royal Body Butter is a special blend of Shea Butter infused with natural essential oils.  Choose from healing essential oils such as Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Lotus and much more.

Experience the amazing benefits of Shea Butter and essential oils. Shea Butter is an excellent natural moisturizer and helps to reduce stretch marks, blemishes, and dry skin.  Atlantis Royal Body Butter takes Shea Butter to the next level with an infusion of essential oils that provide healing for the mind, body and spirit. (Click here to learn about the benefits of using essential oils.)

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Beyond the
Body Butters

Atlantis Royal Body Butter
at the Thurgood Marshall Center - Dec. 2019 

Runoko Rashidi’s Black and the Beautiful Ancient World and
the John Henrik Clarke Enhanced History Project 


Atlantis Royal Body Butter
at the 2017 BZB Holiday Gift & Art Show

Atlantis Royal

Body Butter

Aromatic and Rejuvenating Treatment. 
Discover Atlantis Royal Body Butter for Moisturizing Skin.   
Frankincense and Lavender
Lotus Flower
Frank and Myrrh
Orange Blossom
Lavender Lotion Stick
Lotus Lotion Stick
Gratitude Lotion Stick
Frankincense Lotion Stick
Peppermint Lotion Stick
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