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Meet Atlantis Browder

Author, lecturer, and educator

Atlantis is a woman of many talents and skills.   Long before her venture into body butter, she started at a young age traveling around the United States and the world with her father, Anthony Browder.


At seven years old, Atlantis made her first trip to Africa with her father, grandmother and 31 other people. After returning from her two week study tour to Egypt, Atlantis was excited about the information she learned and was inspired to share this information with her peers.  At eight years of age, Atlantis and her father co-authored her first book entitled, "My First Trip to Africa", which was published in 1991.


"My First Trip to Africa" is a publication geared towards elementary students, and has been used in classrooms throughout the US. This book helps children learn about positive aspects of African history that are not taught in schools and churches.  After reading this book, children of African ancestry will begin to love themselves more as they understand the truth about the African contribution to civilization.  They will realize that African history does not begin with slavery, and instead represents the birthplace of humanity. 

In 1993, at the age of ten, Atlantis travelled to the West African countries of Ghana, Senegal, Gambia and he Ivory Coast, with her father and another study group.  During this trip, she learned how African people were kidnapped from their homes, enslaved, and sold all throughout Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. This experience is chronicled in Atlantis' second publication entitled, "Africa on My Mind: Reflections of My Second Trip".

Since the age of eight, Atlantis has travelled around the US and the world lecturing about African history and sharing her experiences as a young author. Take a journey with Atlantis and explore African history through youthful eyes.

Click here to get your copy of "My First Trip to Africa" and "Africa on My Mind".

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