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Uses and Benefits

Atlantis Royal Body Butter is Shea Butter infused with natural oils. It is available in a variety of scents:


  •  Helps relieve mental stress

  •  Helps diminish feelings of depression

  •  Improves concentration


  •  Calms and centers the mind

  •  Aids in meditation

  •  Helps restore inner strength

  •  Helps heal scars


  •  Relaxes the mind /removes anxiety 

  •  Reduces insomnia

  •  Repels insects  

  •  Soothes sore muscles


  •  Eases anxiety and stress

  •  Consists of antibacterial

  •  Consist of antifungal properties

  •  Helps relieve feelings of depression

 Lotus Flower                                     

  •  Helps rid negative energy

  •  Aphrodisiac

  •  Helps circulation

  •  Soothes the mind

  •  Good for meditation/spiritual work

 Orange Blossom                              

  •  Consists of antibacterial properties

  •  Helps relieve stress and anxiety

  •  Tones and rejuvenates the skin

  •  Consists of anti-aging properties
  •  Helps relax the body
  •  Sacred oil used for spiritual enhancement/raising consciousness
  •  Strengthens ability to endure difficult


  •  Relaxes the body/soothes muscle aches

  •  Helps improve concentration

  •  Repels insects

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